if not, winter (crashing_buses) wrote in the_literati,
if not, winter

hey i just joined this community, once it really gets off it' s feet it will be killer, i've been dying to find a good forum to discuss the kind of topics listed. i havent really got anything concrete to post, im in the middle of working on a paper on the marginalisation of palestinian militants in the western media in terms of the construction of racial binaries and the way that these binaries are manifested in political rhetoric, the characterization of the attackers as "madmen" (or similar terms such as fanatics, zealots, lunatics), a discourse that locates the attackers' motivations in "excessive" religious belief, a faith so fervent that it makes individuals "irrational." Essentially, this analysis shifts the attackers into the realm of the insane and therefore outside of society itself: they are "barbarians" (Bush) with whom you can't reason, and thus "civilized" peoples (Powell) must oppose them. its very rare to see a valid analysis about political motivations, if we call the attackers madmen, it makes it easier to ignore or dismiss any cultural or political motivations they might have. anyway, i will post more as i progress.........hello everyone!
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